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How can prediction help in my life?

Prediction is the ability to know the future with some degree of certainty. This may be knowing about an event, person, thing or even somebody’s intentions.

Why is it important to know about the future? Normal people live their lives with uncertainty. They do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. However there are some select few people who know about the power of prediction and use it in their everyday life. These people are know as Predictors. Predictors are special people who are either born with the gift of seeing the future or learn it from an expert and use it.

I am one of those who was born with the ability to see the future. Through my intense meditations the Higher order Divine Beings revealed to me the techniques of prediction which allow a normal human being to know what is going to happen in the future. In the Prediction Secrets Book series I have shared 27 such techniques which allow you to see the future by using them as a tool.

Yes all prediction techniques whether it is 64 number technique or 3 number technique or 9 square technique are mere tools in the hand of the predictor. The real magic of having the ability to see the future comes from within. This can only be taught by a Grandmaster to his disciples through disciplic succession. From the Grandmaster to the Disciple and so on. Yes the real techniques are secretive as they use hidden powers of the cosmos to get the ability to see the future. I will be starting a course on these powerful prediction techniques very soon on this website to train such Predictors or Masters who can help mankind move the right path.

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